What is Faith?

An old hymn intones, “Only believe. Only believe. All things are possible. Only believe.” Wait. At the end of empty faith there are empty dreams. Faith that is worthy of the name always has an object. People believe in someone or something, even if it’s themselves.

The faith of the Bible is never empty. It is a faith in Jesus Christ. It is belief in the truth that He is God who entered the world in human form. It is belief in the certainty that He lived an earthly life of sinless perfection on behalf of those who believe in Him. It is belief in the fact that Jesus Christ was crucified. It is belief in the explanation that He died to pay for the sins of those who believe in Him. It is belief in the record that Jesus Christ was raised from the grave. It is belief in the verity that He lived again to conquer death and the fear of death for all those who do believe in Him.

Not only so, it is belief in these truths: that Jesus Christ ascended bodily into heaven, that He sat down on the throne of God, that He pours out the Holy Spirit from heaven, and that He reigns as King to give confidence and purpose for living to those who believe in Him.

To help you place faith in Jesus Christ, click here and watch a short video called, “The Good News of the Gospel.”

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