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Westminster Evangelistic Ministries History

WEM_Logo_220pxForty years ago, as a young pastor, I began putting short devotional messages in a local newspaper. These little columns received favorable review. Since this was the case, I sought a wider audience through other newspapers. When we moved to Meade, Kansas in 1982, Westminster Evangelistic Ministries became a reality under the oversight of the Presbytery of the Dakotas of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church. In 1988, I became pastor of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Sterling, Kansas, the congregation embraced WEM as its own.

One day, while in Sterling, a letter arrived from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. A fellow working in the oil fields read one of my devotions in a newspaper mailed from Middle America. This expatriate from Sri Lanka indicated he needed the new birth I discussed in my devotional. Correspondence continued. It is likely this man was converted to faith in Christ through our correspondence and taped messages. The incident validated my sense from Scripture that God would use the sowing of His Word through weekly devotional columns as part of His kingdom work.

We provided short weekly devotional columns to newspapers across America and built our subscription rate to nearly eight hundred newspapers. Readers could respond to the columns by calling an 800 number. They heard a short voice message and had an opportunity to receive a free cassette tape. As a result, we mailed two to three hundred sermon tapes per month to people responding to the devotional column and to the 800 number. It was a simple method of sowing God’s Word. We also sponsored a weekly radio program, The Word for the Week.

With the advent of the world-wide-web, we began sharing sermons and printed material via the Internet. DennyPrutow.com is the third and updated site sponsored by Westminster Evangelistic Ministries.