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The Visions of Revelation

The Glory and Majesty of Christ

The Visions of Revelation: The Glory and Majesty of Christ is a commentary on the Book of Revelation in popular style growing out of sermons preached in Sterling, Kansas and college student Bible studies.

A student reading The Visions of Revelation said,

“I found this book to be very helpful, thought provoking, and easy to read.”

Another student commented,

“What I struggle with is to be able to identify, with confidence, what the symbols mean. This book helped me piece them together.”

A third student declared,

“I came to seminary to be ‘wowed’ with new illumination with reference to the Scriptures. I have been educated very well during my tenure but rarely ‘wowed’; this book ‘wowed’ me.”

Presenting the a-millennial view, The Visions of Revelation, sets forth the Book of Revelation in the classic approach of William Hendriksen’s More Than Conquerors. The commentary also uses a “philosophy of history” approach with a “preterit” leaning.


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