The God of the Second Chance

The God of the Second Chance

So you have problems. Your nerves are frayed. Mole hills seem like mountains to climb. You look for a means of escape, but there doesn’t seem to be one. And so you turn to alcohol. At least you can drown your problems for a few hours. Or you turn to drugs, perhaps with a doctor’s prescription, just a little something to calm your nerves. But your problems don’t go away. The morning after reveals the same hurdles to cross.

Let me suggest a different approach. This approach involves turning to God. It involves coming to Christ. It involves saying with David of old, “But as for me, I trust in Thee, O Lord, I say, ‘Thou art my god'” (Psalm 31:14).

Believe me, David had problems. When he was a youth, King Saul attempted to kill David, more than once. Then when David became King, he committed adultery and had the woman’s husband murdered. David had to live under a burden of guilt until God forgave him and restored him. Then David’s first son, the child of the adultery, died in infancy. Later, another son gathered an army in an effort to overthrow his father.

But David always turned to God and confessed, “I trust in Thee, O Lord.” David knew that God always leads His children through their problems. David trusted God and learned this lesson first hand. Is this a lesson you also need to learn? Then you need to turn to the living God. You need to commit your life to Christ.

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