The Future Life

An article in the Washburn University Law Journal has this to say about death, “A fundamental understanding of man’s nature recognizes when brain death occurs, a human being no longer exists.” This understanding of human nature is entirely materialistic. A human being is viewed as a bundle of chemicals and electrochemical activity.

The complex mechanism of our bodies evolved from a single cell over the course of millions of years. When death occurs, we cease to exist. We are the products of chance. We are destined for extinction! We came from cosmic dust and when we die it is to cosmic dust we are destined to return. Our tombstones reflect this belief having only the dates of our birth and our demise. And our world is filled with pessimism.

The historic Christian faith presents a whole different picture. Human beings were created by God. Their mission in life is to “do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31). And this life is but a prelude to the life to come. Death does not end it all. In fact, those who follow God through Jesus Christ have a wonderful future life to which they may look forward. Death is a step out of this world into another world of eternal bliss with God. Yes, Christianity is the real answer to the pessimism of this world.

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