“Make me to know your ways, O LORD;
Teach me your paths.”

The Bible? The Ten Commandments?

In the span of twenty-five years there were two terrible riots in Los Angeles. One talk show host asked the question, “Where did we go wrong?” The answer is simple. We have turned our backs on the Bible. For example, we no longer allow the Ten Commandments to be posted in school rooms. The Supreme Court declared this public display of the Ten Commandments unconstitutional on November 17, 1980. Of course Moses is depicted holding the two tablets of stone, the Ten Commandments, in the Supreme Court itself.

But the court was deeply concerned that if these plainly religious values were posted in school rooms students might be encouraged to follow them. Since then, generations of high school students and generations of college students have graduated. By implication these students were taught that God’s absolute moral standards summarized in the Ten Commandments are taboo. Ted Koppel, a former ABC anchor, actually angered people when he said Moses did not come down from the mountain with the Ten Suggestions. Now these students have entered the mainstream of society. And the more recent Los Angeles riots, although shorter than the previous riots, were the occasion for more looting, violence, and murder.

There is a correlation. When we turn our backs on the Bible and the standards of God in the Bible, we can expect more violence, more murders, more rapes, and more thefts in our society. The problem is that we no longer believe in absolute truth coming to us from God. We no longer believe in God who has spoken to us in a book. And so we are a society which is adrift. We desperately need to get back to the traditional understanding of the Bible as the Word of God.

And so to help you in this, listen to today’s podcast discussing “The Traditional View of the Bible,” which is so much needed today.

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