Thank the Creator

Do you like Thanksgiving? Turkey and dressing at a family gathering is my idea of a good time. When the brothers and sisters get together with their children, there are sometimes thirty people around our table. But the holiday was not designed, to give us a four-day weekend and four days of football. Neither the days off nor the football games are bad.

Thanksgiving is “a day appointed for giving thanks for divine goodness and mercies” (Webster’s New International Dictionary). The Bible is full of applicable statements of thanksgiving. For example, Psalm 105:1 says, “Oh, give thanks to the Lord, call upon His name; make known His deeds among the peoples.”

The object of our thanksgiving ought to be our Creator and Redeemer. All we have comes from Him: the degree of health we have, the ability to work and make a fair wage, our employment, our housing, transportation, food, and clothing . . . When the leaves take on red and gold and brown and adorn the landscape around us, God’s handiwork is evident. If we enjoy sunshine at the beach, it is God’s good gift. If farmers receive rain in due season, this too is God’s care.

Thanksgiving Day in America is a time to turn to God and give Him the praise He is due. Take time to give thanks to God privately and publicly.

Click here and listen to, “Keep Yourselves in the Love of God.”

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