Science And Or Faith?

The Bible begins with this grand and sweeping statement, “In the beginning God created the heavens and earth” (Genesis 1:1). This is a critical element of the old fashioned Christian faith. And Bible believers insist that Genesis 1:1 is truth and not poetic myth. This means, that from the perspective of Bible believers, Genesis 1:1 involves science. It must.

Because here we have the basic fact regarding the origins of the universe. It was created by God. It did not evolve. And mounting scientific evidence supports the Bible believer.
But many of those committed to evolution argue that Genesis 1:1 is a matter of faith while evolution is science. Is this really the case?

The noted late astronomer Carl Sagan has done a great deal to popularize the theory of evolution. But he says, “Today it is far easier to believe that organisms arose spontaneously on earth than to try to account for them in any other way. Nevertheless, this is still a statement of faith rather than of demonstrable scientific fact.” Here is a noted proponent of evolution who maintains that holding to evolution is a “statement of faith.”

In other words, belief in evolution is just as much a matter of faith as belief in creation. And the clash between the Bible and the theory of evolution is a clash between two different faiths.

Today’s podcast is called, “What You Make vs. Your Maker.”


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