Reformation Day Faith

Halloween is just around the corner. Pumpkins adorn store windows. Cobwebs and spiders hang in restaurants. You can purchase bats and witches in your local bookstore. A host of movies invite us to dabble in the dark side of the supernatural. Even our schools celebrate the dark side. The occult is in. But Christianity is out. Too bad.

October 31st is really the day we should celebrate deliverance from the dark side. You see, five hundred years ago, our world was submerged in darkness. Few people could read or write. They had to depend upon their priests in these matters.

The first book ever printed by movable type was the Guttenberg Bible printed in Germany. But it was in Latin. So the common people could not read it. People were kept in ignorance.

Many people followed witches and sorcerers. Historians call these times the Dark Ages. But then in the early 1500s there was a tremendous religious revival. It is called the Reformation. And guess what! The date remembered for the Reformation is October 31, 1517. That’s right! October 31st is Reformation day. It is a day we remember because people began to be brought out of darkness into light.

The Reformation was spurred on by a young German named Martin Luther. One of the things he was to translate was the Bible from Latin into German. He started schools so people would learn to read the Bible. New light dawned. People fled their superstitions and worship of pagan gods. Doesn’t it seem strange that we want to worship the dark side today?

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