Much More than Life

We live as though physical life is all there is. There is nothing beyond the grave. When we die, we die. That’s it, period. We also find this hard to swallow for two reasons. We rightly believe in rewards and punishment. First, if you do your schoolwork, accomplish your jobs, excel in sports, the rewards are good grades, good paychecks, and trophies or ribbons. You also get recognition and some personal satisfaction. Second, if you fail to accomplish your schoolwork, goof off on the job, or steal a car, punishment is near. You get poor grades. Your boss fires you. You get a term in jail. We expect this sort of thing. Justice demands it.

We also know it is not right for people to go through life as obnoxious and callous thieves and murderers without the scales of justice being balanced in the end. Although we may live as if there is no life after death, deep down we know the Bible is right when it talks about heaven and hell.

Jesus Christ also believed in heaven and hell. On the cross He suffered all the torments of hell in payment for the sins committed by others. When He died He prayed, “Father, into Your hands I commit My spirit” (Luke 23:46). Faith in Christ, who suffered hell, yields life for you in heaven.

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