Loving Families

Several years ago, a well-known television anchor was castigated by his peers. Why? He told the graduates of a big university Moses did not come down from the mountain with the Ten Suggestions. The press was livid. They should have talked with Moses. Better yet, they should have talked with God. He gave Moses two stone tablets with Ten Commandments. You can read about this in the book of Exodus in chapter 20 in the Bible.

Amazingly enough, following the Ten Commandments is the way of love. “And this is love, that we walk according to His [God’s] commandments” (2 John 6). As a result, moms and dads who are faithful to each other are expressing love. Adultery is not an act of love. Parents who teach their children to be truthful are teaching them to love. Lying is not an act of love. Families that teach their children to respect the property of others are teaching them to love. Stealing is not the loving thing to do. Moms and dads who are kind in their speech and not cutting or degrading practice love. Unkind words can be murderous. They are not loving.

Families that practice these things are not legalistic families. They are loving families. The Ten Commandments provide us the way to show others we love them. When we throw them out, we lose love.

To help you understand this love, click here and listen to the audio message, “Loving Families.”

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