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Joyful Voices

A Capella Singing in Congregational Worship

Listening to a blend of human voices praising God is a moving experience. We call on God together, ask Him for help and testify to His work in our lives.

At a time when the use of musical instruments in Christian worship is the norm, Prutow takes a step back and looks at the reasons that many church fathers and reformers encouraged the use of the human voice only in corporate worship. A cappella singing, he argues, is a picture of life under the new covenant. No longer do we need to be encumbered with the burdens and trappings of the sacrificial system—from the bulls and altar to the timbrels and lyre.

Drawing on years of experience as a seminary professor, Prutow carefully examines the scripture and biblical history to help you appreciate even more the praise offered by the lips of God’s people.

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