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Biblical Baptism: A Reformed Perspective

Biblical Baptism presents a defense of infant baptism based upon questions raised by those seeking to settle the issue in their own hearts, especially expectant young couples where either husband or wife has reservations regarding the propriety of having their child baptized. The twelve short chapters discuss:

  • The Mode of Baptism
  • The Covenant and Baptism
  • Circumcision and Baptism
  • The Fulfillment of Baptism
  • Hermeneutics and Infant Baptism
  • Baptism, Holiness, and the Great Commission
  • Getting ‘into’ the Water
  • The Baptism of John, the Baptism of Jesus
  • Regenerate Church Membership
  • Baptism and the “Unbreakable” New Covenant
  • Why Paul Prohibits Circumcision
  • What About Re-Baptism?

Each section seeks to answer a question received by Pastor Prutow and briefly relates his answer. This little booklet, therefore, meets a practical need and is not simply theoretical.

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