Atheist Presuppositions

You are a self-conscious atheist. I am a Christian theist. Do you believe that you are objective in your views and that I am biased?

Allow me to challenge your thinking. You, too, have your own bias. When you reject the existence of the Christian’s God, you cannot say that you are being objective. Rather, you must admit that you begin your thinking with a basic presupposition.

Yes, I begin my thinking with a basic assumption, too: The Christian God of the Bible exists. And I admit that my thinking is not objective.

But intellectual integrity demands that you also acknowledge that your thinking is not objective. All of your thinking is colored by your basic presupposition: There is no God.

So please do not criticize my views as biased. The fact of the matter is that your thinking is just as biased. The difference between us is not that you are objective and I am not. The real difference between us is that we base our thinking on different presuppositions.

Today’s podcast begins with an atheist presupposition, “Life sucks and then you die.” Listen to this podcast, which is “An Exposition of Psalm 90.”

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