“Make me to know your ways, O LORD;
Teach me your paths.”

Atheist Contradictions

In a recent interchange with an avowed atheist, he claimed there is no evidence for the existence of God. This fellow also affirmed the God hypothesis cannot be tested.  Testing evidence for the existence of God is impossible.  There is a contradiction here. On one hand, I do not believe in God because there is no evidence for His existence.  On the other hand, the God hypothesis cannot be tested. Such a contradiction undermines this atheist’s argument. Too subtle? Listen carefully.

Why would a person insist we cannot test for the existence of God?  One of two reasons.  First, God cannot manifest Himself in and through His creation. However, do artists reveal anything about themselves through their paintings or music? Then, why can’t God reveal Himself through His creations?  Second, God does not exist. In this case, our friend looks at all the evidence through his atheistic glasses.  He assumes what he desires to prove.  This too is contradictory.

When I asked my atheist friend to define himself with a term which does not refer to God, he refused.  He insisted on defining himself in terms of what he calls a non-entity.  I am a theist.  I hold God does exist.  This other man is an atheist.  He says God does not exist. Odd.  For some reason, he must describe himself with reference to the God he rejects.  This also seems to me to be a contradiction.

To help you understand this dynamic, click here hand listen to a lesson called, “Approaching Unbelievers.”


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